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Today everyone is concerned about the quality of the food that they put on the table for their families. Buying at a big box store means you have no idea of the origin of the food you purchase.

Well, here at Miller's Bay Farm you can see the food growing and ask us questions about all the produce that we sell at our popular roadside stand.  Our family has farmed for 4 generations and we're still doing it because we love it.

We have a lot of history and knowledge that we are keen to pass on to our customers. Every year we look forward to June when the harvests begin with big, beautiful juicy red strawberries.  Our growing season ends in November and one of our last crops is big, round handsome pumpkins.  You'll find a complete list of all our fabulous fruit and veggies on the 'What We Grow' page of this website.

Check Out our New, Safer Entrance and Off-the-road Parking

Here's what's featured on the Roadside Stand

VegStand-BWClick for details

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

PYO Pumpkins-small

2015 was Incredible.
Let's do it again in October of 2016!

Hours of Operation

At the Farm: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Mon. - Sat. (June - November) 


Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins: 

Selected Dates throughout October

 ---We're always OPEN on Holidays (Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving)--- 

 At our Perth Wagon: (Strawberry season only)
Looking forward to serving you at this location again in 2016. 



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