About Berry Picking

In season, you’ll find our “Berry Rating” right up front, on the home page.  It is updated each morning to let you know what to expect in the patch that day.

Here’s what our Berry ratings mean:

5-BerryIdeal conditions – Berries are in their prime and the weather looks great!

4-BerryA great day for picking – You will not be disappointed!

3-BerryAverage Picking Conditions. With a little effort, you’ll get your baskets filled.

2-BerryJust Okay today. Patch is open, but you’re going to have to work at it this time.

1-BerryDefinitely Winding Down. Try if you wish, but the picking is not easy. Probably your last chance for the season.


Strawberries are available from mid-June to mid-July (depending on the weather)

Things to know about strawberry picking at Miller’s Bay Farm…

  • Customers MUST pick into standard sized baskets.  We do not weigh or ‘estimate’ volumes.
  • Bring empty baskets if you have them (standard 2L, 3L, or 4L sizes).
  • Baskets are available for purchase in the patch.
  • Prepare for the weather (hat, sunscreen, rain gear, boots)
  • Stay hydrated – bring lots of water or juice
  • Dress comfortably
  • Bring the family– but please leave the 4-legged members at home!
  • Taste testing while picking IS encouraged
  • Prepare to make some great memories!!

Speaking of making things, here’s a link to some great strawberry recipes


Tips for buying/picking/storing (incl freezing) strawberries