Basket FAQ


We know…there’s a LOT of reading on this page, but these are a few of the
most asked questions about our Bountiful Basket Program.
Maybe you’ve been wondering the same thing…

(If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please get in touch via email – or whatever method works best for you!)




Can we make substitutions?  We don’t eat beets (or carrots, or …).

The short answer, although we hate to have to use the word… “no.”  What makes the Bountiful Basket Program run as smoothly as it does, is our “keep it simple” approach.  All baskets are packed the same.  It’s quick, straightforward, and easy.  In addition to the logistical challenges that substitutions would create, there’s also the concern with waste.  If 10 or 20 people each week decided to leave behind their beets (or kale, or _______), what would we do with it?


Could you tell us ahead of time what will be in the basket each week?

We completely understand that this would be very helpful, particularly to those folks who do their weekly grocery shopping a day or two before basket pick-up day.  The truth of the matter is….sometimes it’s a surprise to US what ends up going in the Bountiful Baskets at the last minute!!  We may fully intend to include beans in every basket that week.  If, however, the plants don’t produce what we were expecting them to, then we have to make a quick substitution.

If you have a glance at your weekly email from us, it will indicate of what some of the items are expected to be.  If there’s a recipe for stuffed peppers, then there’s a good chance you’ll see peppers in your basket.  We just can’t get into the habit of providing an extensive list of contents.  That only gets us into trouble!


We will be on vacation.  What happens to our basket then?

What most customers find works well is to have a friend pick up their Bountiful Basket while they are away.  They can just sign it out on your behalf and enjoy! If that is not a good option for you, another alternative is to just let us know, and we will donate the contents for that week to one of our local charity programs who are always delighted to receive healthy, fresh produce.


 Is everything in the basket from Miller’s Bay Farm?

Absolutely!  We have NEVER packed anything in our Bountiful Baskets that was not grown right here on the farm.  We are passionate about only selling what we grow, whether it be the contents of your Baskets, or the products offered for sale on our stands.
Admittedly, this means that there is slightly less variety in the Bountiful Baskets from week to week.  It’s a trade-off that the vast majority of our program members are happy with…to know for certain that what goes on their dinner table comes from “their farmers”, whom they know and trust!


 Do you have to include corn so often?

Based on the first two years, you can expect to see corn in your Bountiful Basket about half of the time.   (so…7 or 8 weeks out of 15, in other words).  Other frequent appearances will likely include (but are not limited to) potatoes, green onions, lettuce and beans.
You see, the difference between our program and some other CSA’s out there is that we don’t feel right at having you assume the risk that comes along with growing vegetables.  You pay us for the season at the beginning, and we commit to providing AT LEAST enough produce to equal that value.
So, if – like in 2014- our tomatoes disappoint us, and we only get half the expected yield, then we want to make it up to you with ‘something’ rather than leave a gaping hole in the basket where the tomatoes should have been.

**If you would not describe your cooking habits as adaptable, or a little adventurous, then you would likely be happier to just stop by our stand on a weekly basis and purchase exactly the vegetables you wish.


My Basket in Weeks # 1 and # 2 were a little sparse.  Am I getting my money’s worth?

A very fair question – this one has come up each year so far, and likely will again.  It’s another one of those “catch 22’s”.  We like to start the Bountiful Basket program off early enough to make sure you get some of our delicious strawberries, BUT at that point in the season there is not nearly as much other produce available as there will be a few weeks later.  All we can do is ask you to trust us when we say that ‘we’ll make up for it’ as the season goes on.
Here’s what one customer, who had some concerns after week #1, had to say by the end of the program in 2014…

“Being my first time this year, the beginning few baskets seemed sparse but now that I have done all 15 weeks I see that you more than make up for this as the season progresses and the harvest becomes more plentiful. Loved the variety in the baskets each week.”