Count us IN!



Perhaps you’ve heard, or read about the Two Rivers Food Hub.  Maybe you’ve even been out to the Gallipeau Centre and seen it with your own eyes at some point within this past year.

It’s quite a place!  But it’s not only about the ‘place’.  It’s about the whole concept of a ‘Food Hub’.


What’s a Food Hub?  Essentially it’s just what it sounds like.  If you picture a wagon wheel, the Hub is the central part, joining together each of the outer parts which feed into it.
That is what a Local Food Hub is meant to do…to join together ALL of the parties who have a stake in local food.  That encompasses – at the very least – producers, processors and buyers (both wholesale AND retail)…in other words…anyone who has a desire to grow it, or eat it…or provide food (in various forms) to those who do!!

JoAnnes pickles

Many people have asked us what we think of the whole idea.

If you are a savvy reader (which we know ALL of our readers are!), you’ll already have figured out our answer.  The title gives it away…

“Count us IN!!!”

From the very beginning, 3 and a half years ago (Wow…it’s been THAT long already!!), we have been 100% behind this idea.

Why would we NOT be eager to throw our support behind a concept that promises only to strengthen and connect the local food community…not only within the agricultural sector, but also to connect agriculture as a whole to those for whom we are growing these products?!?!

(Whew!  I’m struggling to keep this one short….there is so much to say….and we’re so excited to have this network in our very own backyard…..)

Winter basket

Have we peaked your curiosity?

Hope so!

Here’s what you can do now….

    1. Explore the Two Rivers Food Hub, online or on Facebook
    2. By joining the mailing list (send a request to )
    3. Become a supporter.  (TRFH is a not-for-profit social enterprise and relies on support from those of us who think it is a fabulous initiative!!)


Or Better yet….


As you have likely guessed, we would be thrilled to continue the dialogue, but we’ll leave it there for this particular post.

We’ll be at the celebration on Wednesday and hope to see you there!






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