How much do people LOVE our Bountiful Baskets???

It’s Bountiful Basket packing day here at the farm.

An email I received last week keeps springing to my mind (and each time, it brings a smile!)

The message came from one of our faithful customers – a member of the Bountiful Basket program since it began in 2013 (and yes – she said it was ok for me to share her thoughts with you!).

In the message she remarked,
“So sad we are on holidays for the next few weeks, and our daughter will be picking up the great stuff.”

Did you catch that?  She is SAD to be going on holidays because she’ll be missing her baskets!

They must be good.

Hopefully she’s being a trooper, and doing her best to enjoy her vacation…in spite of what she’s missing out on at home…

Week 7 2015

(One of our Small Bountiful Baskets from earlier this season)



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