Parking Safely

Shoulders are for leaning on

…but we’d prefer that you didn’t park on them!

That’s why we’re happy to provide a safer option.

Many of you are aware of how “a few loads of cheap fill” morphed into
“a bit of a project” here at Miller’s Bay Farm.


“So what do you want US to do?”, one might ask.

(I’m so glad you asked!! )

We have one (rather crucial) sign in place. That’s the ENTRANCE.

Here it is in 3 easy steps:

  1. ENTER at the ENTRANCE sign (pretty easy so far, isn’t it?)
  2. Proceed up the new lane and ANGLE park – in front of the wagon,
    FACING the road.
  3. After you’ve done what you came to do…DRIVE (safely) out onto the road.
    (Watching cars backing onto this crazy “Rideau Ferry Speedway” is really hard on our nerves!)

THAT’S IT! We know you can handle it!


“What if I’m coming for Pick-Your-Own Strawberries?” you may be wondering.

Easy…Enter at the entrance, but follow the arrows to the patch instead of turning toward the Roadside Stand!