You win some….you lose some…

We have decided to pass on the
2016 Pick-Your-Own PUMPKINS.

The crop was not quite what we had hoped for.

( Photo taken in 2015)


 Provided that the pumpkins grow better in 2017,

we’ll aim to try it again!

“Thanks for your understanding.”


 ….but here’s the ‘411’ on Pumpkin Picking….for future reference….!!!

Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins….Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do bring the family (although the 4-legged members can stay at home, please!)


  • Do dress for the weather and patch conditions.
    Remember, this is a real field…on a real farm….with real dirt AND mud (depending on recent quantities of precipitation!)  Rubber boots are always a good idea.


  • Don’t forget the camera … to capture the great memories you’ll be making.


  • Don’t rush!  Stay as long as you wish.
    Leave a little time to enjoy the farm…and wander through our little corn maze!


A few more details….


  •  GETTING TO THE PATCH – Just come right on out to the farm.  Never visited us before?  No problem!  Get directions HERE.  Enter from Rideau Ferry Road at that big “ENTRANCE” sign (tricky…we know!) and the ‘U-Pick’ signs will direct you right to the parking area near the patch.


  • PRICING – All pumpkins will be sold by weight, in the patch at the time of purchase.  (Don’t worry…there will be examples on display of different sizes and their corresponding prices…so there shouldn’t be any surprises at check-out time!)
    PYO pumpkins will be similar in price to our pre-picked pumpkins.


  •  SOMETHING ELSE you’d like to know? 
    Please be so kind as to drop us a note by clicking here.  It’s quite likely that we’ve missed an important detail (or two).  Chances are, if you are wondering….someone else is too!  Your questions will help us build this information page. 

“We’ll see you in the patch!”