We ALWAYS prefer good news…

…but we’re afraid that this time, we have to be the bearers of bad.

Many have been asking when the pumpkin patch will be opening for picking this season.

After much deliberation and careful thought,

we have chosen to save the pumpkin patch fun for next year, in hopes that the crop will be more plentiful in 2017.

We know…it IS disappointing.

(Believe us, nobody is more disappointed than we are!) 

As we’ve said in the past, there is nothing we love more than welcoming you and your family to our farm (which is also our home…) to have you enjoy the fresh air and everything else that goes along with some time spent out in the field.


Pumpkin Patch 2015


As you know, this past summer we have experienced the most severe drought that any of us ‘young’ folks can remember.  It was DRY…and still is, if you want to know the truth.

While we won’t get into all of the scientific details of how and why…suffice it to say that early on, the pumpkin (and squash) plants shifted into ‘survival mode’, and produced a pretty nominal crop.

It isn’t that the pumpkins failed completely.  If you’ve been by the roadside stand, you will have seen a few piles of pumpkins there that we’ve picked for you.

We certainly have ‘some’, but a look across the pumpkin field is not nearly as impressive as the ‘sea of orange’ we all enjoyed last year (2015).

So come on out and see us at the Roadside.  It’s still open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 – 6:00.  We’ll try to keep the pumpkins coming as long as we’re able, but we’ll do the picking this year.

We would still love to see you!  Bring the family anyway.

And throw in the camera – just in case.  Pumpkin PILE photos often turn out just as well as pumpkin PATCH photos.  Feel free to take a few minutes and snap some anyhow.  We don’t mind a bit.



Thanks for your understanding.

Oh….and because we can’t leave you without SOME good news….

There is no threat to your pumpkin pie!  For some reason, the pie pumpkins did just fine…no shortage there.  You can pick those up (the pie PUMPKINS that is….not the pies…!!) at the roadside stand too.

Phew!!! Thanksgiving dinner is saved!!!






4 Responses to “We ALWAYS prefer good news…”

  1. Johana Lintaman Says:

    From my family to yours, thank you for all the hard word you dis this summer!!!!!
    Inspite of the drought I had the pleasure to play with some new goodies.
    I am in for next year!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Shannon Says:

    Thank you so much Johana!
    It has been our pleasure!!
    And it really has been an incredible year…in spite of the weather ‘challenges’.
    There truly is ALWAYS much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  3. Danny Whitmore Says:

    I am not a big vegetable eater so getting the basket means I eat more Vegetables

  4. Shannon Says:

    Thanks Danny!
    A lot of folks who sign up for the Bountiful Basket Program are finding the same thing as you! Having that basket full of fresh vegetables waiting for them each week makes it easier (and fun!) to eat more, and sometimes different, things than they might normally.

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