Why Buy Local

Here’s four great reasons to buy your food locally


1. It’s Fresher, Better Tasting and Better for You

Food is more nutritious when picked ripe and eaten fresh. Local Farmers harvest your food at its prime and select varieties based on taste, not how durable they are to tranport.

2. Keep Your Money Working In and Around Your Community

Every $1 you spend on local food means $2.27 going back into your community. Money put in a farmer’s pocket is then spent on goods and services in your community – likely someone in your family benefits from the buying power of your local farmer.

3. It’s Good for the Environment

Trucking food from the farm down the road to your local markets and restaurants has much less environmental impact than packaging, refrigerating and shipping food from long distances.

4. Keeps Us “Food Secure”

Buying locally-grown food helps preserve farmland and maintains the local capacity to feed ourselves. This is especially important as we hear more about large-scale food contamination scares and surging energy costs.

As part of our commitment to the local food movement, we belong to the following Associations






Eastern Ontario Berry Growers Association (EOBGA)

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