More about the Miller family

Robert Miller

Robert grew up here, his earliest farming memories being around the age of 7 years. That’s when he was able to wield a shovel and take on his first official task in the dairy barn.

In his late teens (…those years when it seems that ‘you know a lot, and your parents don’t know much?!?), Robert tried out a couple of different off-farm jobs. While he enjoyed those placements, they also helped him realize that the farm was where he was meant to be. Around the age of 20, Robert decided for certain that he would make this his full-time vocation.

He would tell you that his favourite part of farming is watching the world awake from its winter slumber and come alive in the spring. During planting season, Robert is in his element – almost giddy with the excitement of getting seeds into the ground and the hope of the harvest ahead!


Shannon (Hunter) Miller

Her love of animals and the outdoors has truly guided Shannon’s life journey. As a kid, her summers were happily consumed with the care of 4-H calves and lambs; participation in local livestock shows and fairs; farm chores… and later… several agriculture-related summer job placements.  

Though she didn’t know where, or with whom, Shannon always envisioned spending her life on a farm. She attended the University of Guelph, in the agriculture program (surprise, surprise!) and began her ‘grown up life’ serving the farm community near Alliston, Ontario.

Who could have guessed she’d land back in the very township where she’d grown up? …doing life with Robert Miller – a neighbouring farmer, who had dropped by more than once over the years to ‘talk shop’ with her dad (and who she’d always thought was kinda cute…if the truth be told!).


The 5th Generation of Millers

While growing crops and nurturing livestock has been a pleasure for Robert and Shannon, their greatest joy, by far has been the privilege of parenting four wonderful young human beings.

Lauren, Kendall, Tyler and Seth are currently journeying through their high school and post-secondary years. Each of them has logged their fair share of hours on the farm. Most often it’s been willingly. Occasionally, a little less so …. because that’s just what farm kids do!

By now, they have all reached the stage where they can acknowledge that being raised on a farm truly is a gift. Will any of them decide to make farming their livelihood? It’s a bit early to tell… although there HAVE been murmurings of it…

 Regardless of their chosen careers, the ‘Miller Kids’ will take with them a whole toolbox full of skills, experiences and fond memories from their early years on the farm.

Stick with us as the story continues to unfold!

Miller Kids