BIG News!!!

There is news…

…and there is BIG news….

…..and then….there is REALLY BIG news….





Do you see that?    That’s US!


We have opened another stand in front of Gemmell’s Garden Centre.

We think that qualifies as REALLY BIG news!


This should make getting some delicious, truly LOCAL, Miller’s Bay Farm produce to your table…and more importantly…to your taste-buds, much easier if you live near, or commute through the “Greater Smiths Falls Area – on the North side”!

You will find us there throughout the growing season,

Monday – Saturday

10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Just like the home farm in Lombardy, we will be happy to accommodate special orders and requests whenever possible.  Stop by and chat with our friendly team members at the Gemmell’s stand today!






…but we’d prefer that you didn’t park on them!

That’s why we’re happy to provide a safer option as we begin our 2014 season.

Many of you are aware of how “a few loads of cheap fill” morphed into
“a bit of a project” here at Miller’s Bay Farm last fall.


It’s an idea we’d been tossing around for a while now, and the timing seemed right to make it happen last year.  I won’t go into all of the background here.  You can read about that in this previous posting from September.

“So what do you want US to do?”, one might ask.

(I’m so glad you asked!! )

We have one (rather crucial) sign in place already.  That’s the ENTRANCE.
(More signs are on the way from the great folks at Prodecal.  It’s not their fault…I was ‘a little bit’ slow in getting my act together and letting them know what we needed!)

Soooo, until the extra signs arrive, here it is in 3 easy steps:

  1. ENTER at the ENTRANCE sign (pretty easy so far, isn’t it?)
  2. Proceed up the new lane and ANGLE park – in front of the wagon,
    FACING the road.
  3. After you’ve done what you came to do…DRIVE (safely) out onto the road. 
    (Watching cars backing onto this crazy “Rideau Ferry Speedway” is really hard on our nerves!)

THAT’S IT!  We know you can handle it!


“What if I’m coming for Pick-Your-Own Strawberries?” you may be wondering.

Easy…Enter at the entrance, but follow the arrows to the patch instead of turning toward the Roadside Stand! 


Thanks for your patience with us as we try to make things better for everybody!





Such Promise!

It seems that as each season comes along, I can find reasons that it is my Favourite Season.

At this time of year, I get so excited at all of the possibilities laying ahead!!
I can’t help but be reminded of Anne of Green Gables when she said,
“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it yet?”

Anne - No Mistakes, Yet












Don’t get me wrong, we’ve already make plenty of mistakes this year (and I expect we’ll make more – sometimes they are our best teacher!).

It’s the idea of the fresh, clean slate and just knowing that there are some really cool moments coming, as we spend our season growing & harvesting our produce, and – our favourite part of all – interacting with GREAT folks like yourself.

THIS YEAR, though, the anticipation is even greater than normal…

….a large part of my excitement today is based some things that are not quite yet “public knowledge”, but will be very soon!  We are working on a couple of projects with some well-known local businesses.
These projects, we hope, will be “win-win-WIN” situations (for them, ourselves, and YOU)!


As usual, our Farm Fresh Family (that’s the dressed up name for our e-mail list!) will be the first to hear the news.  If you are not yet a part of this illustrious group, you can change that very easily…

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We’ll keep you posted!



…but he played anyway. 

(Just one of the many reasons I admire that guy  🙂  )


Football practice!









Living where we work – working where we live – it’s a delicate balancing act.

Just wanted to share a moment from our day that made me smile.



"The Good Stuff"

Yes, it’s Robert again!

Oh – no – I didn’t mean….well…it’s not ROBERT who smells…

…but then, it could be….Oh!  You know what I mean!!


Today was the start of one more of the annual spring tasks around here.  Many people don’t realize what great value there is in good old-fashioned manure.  (Yes, I did say that with a straight face.) 
The obvious component of course, is the group of nutrients that are available right away to the soil, and the soon-growing (we hope!) crops.  Besides that though, as the organic matter – bedding, uneaten feed, etc – slowly breaks down, the soil benefits for several years to come.

Don’t worry.  That ‘country fresh’ aroma won’t last long.  It’s always best to go over the field as soon as possible after spreading and work the stinky stuff into the soil – both for nutrient management purposes AND to keep on speaking terms with all of our good neighbours!


Summer IS coming – it HAS to be!

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…a perfectly legitimate question…

After all, the fields are covered in snow now, and that’s where we spend the majority of our time in the summer, right?

My quick answer to the question is always, “Now, we do the things we didn’t have time for in the busy season.”

The days are flying by, filled with many tasks and commitments.   (I had intended to have this posted before November was over…so much for that!)  They are just tasks and commitments of a different sort.

Our last day of produce sales was November 2nd.

By the 4th, this was where you could find us….

Robert reading up!


Hmmm, the subtitle on that magazine reads,

“Horticultural Innovations…Labour Saving Devices”

I guess he’s had a long enough summer!






A short get-away, well deserved by our kids, for whom the term “summer vacation” is definitely a bit of an oxymoron.















Refreshed and rejuvenated, we returned home to;

  • a barn full of cattle (boarding here for the winter),
  • a shed full of equipment in need of repair and/or winterization,
  • and a line-up of late season storage customers – ready to park their vehicles in our buildings for the winter.


No…there really is NEVER a dull moment!

BUT, as “they” say….
“A change is as good as a rest.”


That’s a wrap.

We just wanted to put a closure on the season, and once more, extend a sincere THANK YOU to all who have been a part of this terrific 2013 gardening year!  In the spring, we always start out with fresh optimism and excitement – not knowing what the next few months will hold for us.   We were not disappointed.  Thanks to you, 2013 was a banner year!

Now, with those months behind us once again, we look back with thankfulness, a certain degree of awe, and a deep sense of accomplishment.   This is not the type of accomplishment one feels from having won a prestigious award (we didn’t!), but rather the satisfaction born of knowing we have done our best, enjoying the journey, and making some incredible memories along the way.

We’re already looking forward to 2014…but until then…

Thank You

WHAT are they up to now??

If you’ve been past the farm recently, you’ve likely noticed some commotion between the garden and the road….and wondered to yourself, “What is going on there?”


New Laneway #1


We’re just trying to make it a little easier, and safer, for you to stop & shop here!

So that ‘mess’ you see Robert and Jeff making will end up being a new roadway for our customers to use when they drop in to the roadside stand.

New Laneway #2

Don’t worry, we’ll add some directional signage to guide you, but basically the hope is that we can convince you to enter from the lower laneway (toward Lombardy) and exit past the stand, creating sort of an “in and out” traffic flow.



New Laneway #3Although you’ve always been welcome to drive right around our larger laneway, many people don’t.  They probably don’t know it’s there, or just ‘don’t feel right’ about driving right in to the farm.

This way, we’ll just feel better, especially on those busy days in strawberry season, or on those summer weekends, knowing that you have a handy, safe spot to park.

We hope you’ll approve!




If you can’t BEET ’em…

Beets used to get a bad rap for being messy or taking a long time to cook.  We’re happy to say that lately, many people are developing a new appreciation for the colourful vegetable.


There are many options for beets, besides the traditional   “bubbling-pot-on-the-stove” method!

Why not try them…



Take a new look at beets today…you may be pleasantly surprised!


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Lettuce that lasts





The thing about picking lettuce in the summertime is that before very long at all, it looks about the way I feel…warm, wilted and weary.

But don’t despair. There is hope!

I (along with many of you, as well) have been pleasantly surprised at the “fridge life” of the lettuce varieties we are growing. If you give your lettuce a quick soak in some nice cool water, dry it off (I like to use a salad spinner) and store it in a bag in your crisper, it will be there to enjoy for several days.

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