Here’s to New Traditions

You know, when we planted our first strawberry plants 7 years ago, someone told us,
“Pick-Your-Own Strawberries are a thing of the past. Nobody wants to do that anymore.”  We listened politely, but deep down we weren’t sure we agreed with them…

Fast forward to June 2013…

….people are having a fantastic time picking Strawberries with us!

Here’s what people are saying:

  • “This is the best I’ve ever seen!  It’s so quiet out there by the lake…Everybody’s happy!” (Bernard)
  • “It was very clean picking…that’s what I like!”  (Bev)
  • “These are Sooooo fresh!!! (Holly, 5 yrs old)
  • “There’s hardly any challenge in that at all, there are so many berries!”  (Gerry)

There are few things that make all of the hard work of growing these berries quite as worthwhile as happy customers.

As you drive out the lane, tired & warm, but happy – with berry juice on your hands (and shirt, and maybe even your chin!!) and full baskets in your trunk…we hope you’ll be looking forward to your next visit.  We certainly are!

Who knows, maybe you’ve just begun a new family tradition!


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If you were to spend a few hours around the farm these days, you would observe the people here busily working away.  It just might surprise you then, to learn that farmers are actually experts at waiting.  The reason you may not have realized this is that we always have lots of things to keep us busy while we wait – so perhaps we could call it actively waiting“. 

Yes, we wait…

We wait for seasons to change.
We wait for the weather to cooperate.
We wait for animals to grow.
We wait for those parts to come in so we can repair that piece of equipment.

“What are we waiting for right now?”, you might ask.
Probably the same thing you are…for those strawberries to be ready!!

While these cooler, damp days of late have done wonders for growing great big, juicy strawberries, it takes some warm sunshine to get them to ripen.
(By the way – something else you may have not realized about farmers, is that no matter the situation, we will blame the weather!)

Now the beauty of “actively waiting” for something, is that it really does make the time pass more quickly than simply sitting and waiting.  So, if you think you just can’t wait until early next week to get your first taste of Miller’s Bay Farm Strawberries, we’d like to offer to help…

…stop by and we’ll hand you a hoe!

Yes!  Come on out and try this “active waiting” for yourself!  Before you know it, the berries will be ripe and ready for picking!


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A Quiet Spot

The Lonely ShedLook at that lonely, forlorn little shed!


It seems crazy that in just a few short weeks it will be buzzing with activity – a virtual feast for the senses.  There will be the sights and smells of the fresh, sweet strawberries filling the wagon (which incidentally is still safely tucked away in one of the back sheds awaiting it’s grand entrance when “the day” draws nearer!);   the sounds of happy customers, anxious to have their first taste of “real” strawberries after a long winter of sad, southern substitutes.

It really will not be too long before we can have that glorious first taste.  We have removed the winter covering of straw and the strawberry plants are soaking up all of this sunshine and warmth.   The report from Robert is that, “The plants look GREAT!!”  If the rain promised for the next few days does come, the patch will have a fantastic start for the season.  Hang in there…we’re in the home stretch!

Strawberry season always seems to be too short.  Don’t miss a day…

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Despite Old Man Winters’ most desperate attempts to extend the season, the signs of spring are all around us!  It has been far too long since my last blog post…a fact that will do absolutely NOTHING to dispel the myth that we farmers go to sleep when the snow comes and don’t do anything until the grass starts greening up again at this time of year!

We have had a great winter, filling our weeks with various activities including chauffeuring children to winter sports, vacation, much-needed family “hanging-out” times, and LOTS of meetings, appointments, seminars, paperwork and planning for our 2013 season on the farm.

So…here we go!!

As we’ve said before, “Sit back and relax, we’re planting YOUR garden.”

We look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces – and lots of new ones – out at the roadside in just a couple of months for our REAL, ONTARIO strawberries  (I can almost taste them now!).  You know, one of the best things about running a seasonal business like ours is that we have a whole bunch of “mini-reunions” every spring when each of you stop in for your first visit of the year!  It’s always great to take a few minutes and hear about what went on in everyones’ lives over the winter.

If you’re paying attention, you will notice that again this year we will be continuing with our efforts to connect with our customers in the way that suits you best – (that is in addition to our favourite method, which is still good, old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation).

It may be via…

  • this blog
  • FaceBook
  • our webpage
  • or our “Farm Fresh Alert” email notifications, which you can sign up for below.

Whatever your chosen method, please DO keep in touch.  We value your feedback and will gladly respond to any questions you would have…it might even end up being the subject of our next blog post!!


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Singing in the Rain 2012

Rain!  We finally got our rain!!

Not within recent memory has a rain been so welcome (and such a long time coming!)…most definitely an answer to many prayers!

The question we are hearing over and over now is, “So, has the rain helped?”

Our answer – a resounding “YES“…but…(you know there’s always a “but”)…whether it came in time to make the difference to the field crops (grain corn, soybeans, etc.) time will tell.

Robert has taken to answering that question somewhat guardedly.

“We’ll let you know in December.”  he says.

As for the moment, we’ll take whatever moisture that comes, whenever it comes.  The rest of the hay will get finished when it gets finished.  We continue to enjoy the wonderful colours, scents and tastes on the sales wagon at this – the peak of the fresh vegetable season.  And we will look forward to what the rest of the growing season holds in store.

Rest assured…if you drive by on the next rainy day and see us outside, still working away – it’s not that we don’t know enough to come in out of the weather.   We’re just out there enjoying the showers…”Singing in the Rain”!

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Ready to Roll

We just got our new website up and running, even though we are in the middle of farming season. Some crops are doing fine while others desperately needs rain. Keep your fingers crossed for a couple of days of steady rainfall.

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