Here’s an idea…

Are you already thinking about green grass???

….and FRESH, tasty strawberries and vegetables…you know – like the ones you don’t find in many stores right now?

Yeah…us too!

More specifically though, we are brainstorming about how to make it super-EASY – in the midst of your fun-filled, crazy-busy summer for you  to get the ‘fruits of our labours’ into your home and onto your family’s table… WHILE keeping things rolling along here at the farm…and in our family life too…

On that note…we wanted to let you know that we are considering some alterations to our popular Bountiful Basket Program.  (What’s that you ask?  Read about how it generally works here.)

Due to a number of factors, there is a very good chance that we will be returning to our original model of Farm pick up only for the program this year.

THAT brings us to the ‘Question of the Day’ for today:

What if….we offered HOME DELIVERY of our Bountiful Baskets? 

What do YOU think? 

(….before you reply….please read ALL the way to the end….)

Hold on now….we are ONLY in the brainstorming stage of this… but we’ve got to start somewhere.

Of course it would have to be only within a defined geographical area and there would be an additional cost over-and-above farm pickup….and who knows what other parameters would be included…

We’ll be rolling out the re-vamped program in the coming few weeks.  (Don’t worry, it’s going to be GREAT!!) 

We promise to KEEP the features that you love most…the surprises, the Bountiful Basket Bulletin, the sharing table…

AND…we have some exciting ideas to ADD that will make it even more worthwhile to be a part of it in 2020…like maybe preferred pricing for signing up and paying early…. payment plans… Bountiful Basket Member only specials….even the possibility of an added pick up day at the farm…

Remember….2020 IS our 20th Anniversary year… we’ll be celebrating all the way through!!

(…that means specials, deals, and perks for YOU!!)

We wouldn’t have asked the questions if we weren’t ready and willing to hear back from you!

We value your thoughts on this (and everything we do here). 

Please shoot us off a message, email, comment, or give us a call!

Email us –

Call – 613-283-0205


Thanks to YOU for making it so!   Funny thing… exactly 3 months (and one day) ago – on the 4th of June, we posted our “Something’s Different Here”  post.  It was outlining our plan make good use of the demo bunkie that had arrived in our front yard from North Country Sheds.   The main purpose behind the whole idea was simply to make some introductions between the local folks who grow and make some pretty great products …. and our pretty great friends who regularly stop by the Roadside Stand to support us and our farming endeavours!   It would seem safe to say that the whole event (all 9 weeks of it…) was a resounding success.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

  Here’s a recap…complete with contact info and links for each Friend who attended. (Hey…there’s no need to stop enjoying their products, just because you only saw them here at the farm once or twice!)    

Week #1 

Oak Leaf Road Maple Syrup

Week #2

Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil

Week #3 

Sylvia’s 4th Line Florals

Week #4 …AND #5

Briarlea Farms Blueberries & Baked Treats 

Week #6 …and #8 

rND Bakery

Week #7

Milkhouse Farm & Dairy Sheeps’ Milk Cheese, Lamb & Wool Products 

Week #9

Jiny’s Kimchi

WOW…and now…

WOW!! Wasn’t that a party?!?


2019 has been a strawberry season for the books!  Thank you for making it so great!

Whether at the Roadside Stand at the Farm, in the Pick-Your-Own Patch, the Perth Farmers’ Market, or our Perth Wagon at Penny’s Place… records were broken in every spot, and that’s all because of you and your support.  You are the BEST!

But…guess what?

The excitement is FAR from over, because NOW we move right into vegetable time!

We’re not sure what your thoughts on vegetables are, but around here, we can’t find ANYTHING boring about them…especially when they are freshly picked for you, straight from our fields…still loaded with nutrients and flavour and just begging to be taken home for your family’s enjoyment!

Did you know that you can check on ‘What’s available’ anytime, from anywhere?


Check out the handy, newly posted  “On the Stand” page on our website.  You may not have seen that particular page yet, since we have JUST made it active.  We’ll keep it updated at least once each week.  That way, you’ll always have a good idea of what’s coming out of the fields and ready for your dinner plate!

Now…there is one thing we did need to chat about, and we’d love to have your feedback.

If you are one of our Perth area friends, this applies to you even more.

For the past few years, once strawberries have tapered off, we have closed our Perth Wagon at Penny’s Place.

This year, we would like to keep it open, but it doesn’t seem quite feasible to stay there 6 days per week right now.

Can we meet in the middle?

What if we were to commit to being at the Perth Wagon with a full lineup of our vegetables each Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the summer?

(Remember you can also catch us at the Perth Farmers’ Market every Saturday… so that means we would have the Perth area ‘covered’ for 3 days each week. )

If you are (or could be) a patron of our Perth location, we really would love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Please drop us an email at , comment below, or pick up the phone and give us a call at 613-283-0205.




It appeared nearly 3 weeks ago…and you’ve been so very patient to wait and find out…  


“What’s up with the new shed?”



Well, first of all…

  • It’s NOT ours, and no…
  • We’re NOT replacing our trusty old Roadside Shed just yet.



It’s always kind of cool the way things work out…

The wheels (of thought…) had begun turning waaaaay back in the winter.  We were wondering about how we could do a little more ‘collaborating’ this season with  our fellow small business owners in the area…farm…or otherwise.


Enter North Country Sheds.

David gave us a call wondering if we’d have a spot to showcase one of their cabins here at the farm.

We knew right then that this idea was ‘a go’!

STEP #1 – The “Lakeside Bunkie”  arrives.  It’s there for you to see…inside and out.  Feel free to poke around, go inside…have a look!


(But guess what?   There’s more to this than ‘just’ a demo cabin…  read on!)

It seemed too bad to just leave that lovely building sitting there only to look pretty!

That brings us to:

STEP #2 – “Friends at the Farm”

As you know, we don’t grow everything here.

(Yikes!  Could you imagine us trying to do that?!??! )

We thought,

“Why not invite some of our farming friends to come, and meet our amazing Farm Family (that’s YOU!)?”

Invitations were extended, our kind friends chose to ‘humour us’ … and…. it’s all coming together!

We’re so excited!!!!!!!!!!

The plan is that we will host a different ‘guest’ EACH THURSDAY AFTERNOON throughout July and August. They will bring their wonderful products right here, to the farm for you.

It will be a great opportunity to meet the producers, try a sample, make connections, and of course – purchase their products!

We’re still finalizing the list, but at this point we can tell you we have confirmed the following guests:



So, keep your eyes open for more news about this.

We will be adding a few more names to the list in the coming weeks to make sure that July and August are filled up.  We’ll also be posting a schedule, so that you’ll know who’s coming for which week!

There are so many really wonderful, local products available … not too far from home.

The trick sometimes, is knowing where to find them.

Hopefully this will help!

Thanks for reading,

Keep tabs on us:

  (We love to hear from you!  This was some feedback from a returning Bountiful Basket Member that we wanted to share.  We suspect that it may answer some of the questions a lot of folks have about the program. )

… the only one that had comparable selection to yours was the first one I joined…and it was quite a bit more expensive. I appreciate that a lot of CSAs include unusual crops as a fun introduction to new foods, but I found those would oftentimes be wasted if we didn’t like them or didn’t know how to use them in our regular cooking routine, plus I felt they took space in the box from more practical veggies.

I love that yours has all the tried and true standards and I can count on the whole basket being used by week’s end – and at a price that has other CSAs beat.

I also really like that you offer large and small basket options; for my small family I would always buy the “half-share” option at other CSAs, which was a full-share box but picked up every other week instead of every week, which meant less-frequent fresh produce and a challenge to get through everything before it went bad.

The small basket is the perfect size for our family. “


  There you have it!  In summary…

  • Varied selection
  • Not too many ‘unusual’ (aka puzzling!) items
  • Reasonable price
  • Size options to fit differing needs
  • Fresh supply EVERY week (regardless of basket size)
    …and of course….
  • ALL local, home-grown, right here at Miller’s Bay Farm!


Have we got you thinking about it?



Sign up is open until May 31st!



A Perfect Match???

Remember those crazy quizzes in the Teen Magazines of long ago???  (…when we actually read PAPER magazines?)


…not gonna lie… I’ve certainly completed a few of them in my day!
I’m happy to report, however, that I have never based any major life decisions on the results of said quizzes!!


This very day, we have a similar quiz for YOU.


No. No. NO!  It’s NOT about dating. 
(We love you…but you’re on your own where that’s concerned!!  )

This one’s about our Bountiful Basket Program, you know…our weekly basket of Farm Fresh Goodies?  (sometimes also known as a ‘CSA’ program…)


You see, we fully understand that this type of thing is not for everyone. We have members who would NEVER dream of skipping a year…

…and then we have folks who have given it a try once or twice and found that it just wasn’t a good fit for their family…and that’s OK!

So we thought…maybe it would be fun to put it in the format of a little quiz.

Just to be clear – it’s NOT statisically correct…by ANY stretch…but it may help you to decipher whether or not you consider joining the program this year.

(And hopefully it will be fun – regardless of your result!)

Want to give it a try?




By the way…if while taking the quiz, you get to wondering… about ANYTHING (well maybe not dating…or other ‘matters of the heart’…but ALMOST anything …)



…please drop us an email, or give us a call.  We’d be more than happy to chat and help you figure it out!



Contest Time!!!

We’ve got the April Showers!! Let’s not wait until May for the FLOWERS….

What in the world is going on???

As you may know, we’ve completely re-vamped our website.

We love it.  And we hope you will too.

Roger and Lianne, over at Arranel Studios have done a tremendous job (as always) of making what we’ve envisioned in our minds appear (almost miraculously) on the screen!!

In order to give folks a little extra incentive to have a look around, we decided to run a Spring Contest.

There happen to be a couple of pretty amazing prizes (EACH valued at over $200!!)

Have we peaked your curiosity? We hope so!!

What do you need to do?

Just head on over to our Contest Page for instructions and more details. (That green button below will take you there.)

Hint:  We’re not going to ask you to do a bunch of ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ and other Social Media shenanigans.  This contest is a little bit different…

Now let’s go and have some fun!!

We think we speak for everyone when we say,
“For crying out loud…could we just get ON WITH THIS already???”

We’ve tried to be patient, as have you, but this is enough to test the mettle of even the most resilient among us!

We typically expect corn to begin around the 25th of July.

Did you catch that word?   “Typically”

As you may remember, this past spring was anything but “typical”!

Although…we can’t blame the tardiness of the sweet corn entirely on the spring.  (Our first patch was actually planted in very good time).  The fact that June and July were so uncharacteristically cool seems to have contributed much more to the situation.

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.  Corn needs heat!

So now that you have our excuses…what’s the prediction?

Soon!  Very soon!!

2017’s First Pick…just enough for dinner

We had our first taste last night.
The verdict…sadly…not quite yet.  Although the cobs look fairly good, once they were cooked, it was pretty clear that they were not quite mature.

With the sun shining today and forecast for through the week (mostly…) we SHOULD be good to go for the weekend.  We sure hope so anyway!  Could you imagine the August long weekend without corn?

No, neither could we!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…
“Our customers are the BEST!”

In the meantime, you’ve still got to eat!  Check out our ‘Featured on the Stand‘ page to see what IS ready for your table.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Robert, Shannon & The Family.

How do you like your corn?

There are dozens of different ways to prepare this classic “taste of summer”…

…BBQ with husks on, grill with husks off….microwave, wrapped in foil over the campfire….or the traditional pot on the stove…

For the stove-top method (which is the way we most often end up cooking ours), did you know that there is no need to “drown” your corn?  It takes too long to get all of that water up to a boil anyway!

—Technically it’s more like steaming the corn than boiling it, because some of the cobs may not even be IN the water.—

Just start with 2 to 3″ of water in the pot.
Bring to a boil and add the (already husked) corn.
Cover and return to a boil.
Continue cooking for 7 minutes.
Remove from pot and enjoy!


By the way…never add salt to the water.  It will only toughen the corn!



Come follow us!


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