Thanks to YOU for making it so!   Funny thing… exactly 3 months (and one day) ago – on the 4th of June, we posted our “Something’s Different Here”  post.  It was outlining our plan make good use of the demo bunkie that had arrived in our front yard from North Country Sheds.   The main purpose behind the whole idea was simply to make some introductions between the local folks who grow and make some pretty great products …. and our pretty great friends who regularly stop by the Roadside Stand to support us and our farming endeavours!   It would seem safe to say that the whole event (all 9 weeks of it…) was a resounding success.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

  Here’s a recap…complete with contact info and links for each Friend who attended. (Hey…there’s no need to stop enjoying their products, just because you only saw them here at the farm once or twice!)    

Week #1 

Oak Leaf Road Maple Syrup

Week #2

Kricklewood Farm Sunflower Oil

Week #3 

Sylvia’s 4th Line Florals

Week #4 …AND #5

Briarlea Farms Blueberries & Baked Treats 

Week #6 …and #8 

rND Bakery

Week #7

Milkhouse Farm & Dairy Sheeps’ Milk Cheese, Lamb & Wool Products 

Week #9

Jiny’s Kimchi

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