How do you like your corn?

There are dozens of different ways to prepare this classic “taste of summer”…

…BBQ with husks on, grill with husks off….microwave, wrapped in foil over the campfire….or the traditional pot on the stove…

For the stove-top method (which is the way we most often end up cooking ours), did you know that there is no need to “drown” your corn?  It takes too long to get all of that water up to a boil anyway!

—Technically it’s more like steaming the corn than boiling it, because some of the cobs may not even be IN the water.—

Just start with 2 to 3″ of water in the pot.
Bring to a boil and add the (already husked) corn.
Cover and return to a boil.
Continue cooking for 7 minutes.
Remove from pot and enjoy!


By the way…never add salt to the water.  It will only toughen the corn!



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