It’s not over yet!

Although it is now Week #4 of the 2015 Strawberry season, we’re not finished yet!

Here is what we’re seeing out there this morning.

July 6 2015

…lots of green berries on our later varieties, just waiting patiently to ripen up!

What does that mean to you?

It means that you still have time to enjoy some fresh, flavourful Miller’s Bay Farm strawberries before we wrap up.

Now, whether they’ll be picked by us, or picked by you, is still up in the air.
Since this last variety that we’re working on is only a percentage of our patch, we need to be careful about opening up for public Pick-Your-Own again.

(What we do not want to do is announce that PYO has re-opened, and have such a tedious pick for you this late in the season that you get discouraged and never want to come back and pick with us again!) 
That’s why we’re just taking the PYO situation one-day-at-a-time for this week.

If you are content to let us do the picking, we are aiming to have a steady supply of pre-picked strawberries at the Roadside Stand at the farm every day (Mon. – Sat.).
As many days as the supply permits, we will also be at our Perth Wagon for your convenience.

So, please stay tuned…to our Facebook updates, our website, or if you really love the sound of my voice THAT much, you can call 613-283-0205 and listen to our regularly updated voicemail greeting!

We’ll see you soon,



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