It appeared nearly 3 weeks ago…and you’ve been so very patient to wait and find out…  


“What’s up with the new shed?”



Well, first of all…

  • It’s NOT ours, and no…
  • We’re NOT replacing our trusty old Roadside Shed just yet.



It’s always kind of cool the way things work out…

The wheels (of thought…) had begun turning waaaaay back in the winter.  We were wondering about how we could do a little more ‘collaborating’ this season with  our fellow small business owners in the area…farm…or otherwise.


Enter North Country Sheds.

David gave us a call wondering if we’d have a spot to showcase one of their cabins here at the farm.

We knew right then that this idea was ‘a go’!

STEP #1 – The “Lakeside Bunkie”  arrives.  It’s there for you to see…inside and out.  Feel free to poke around, go inside…have a look!


(But guess what?   There’s more to this than ‘just’ a demo cabin…  read on!)

It seemed too bad to just leave that lovely building sitting there only to look pretty!

That brings us to:

STEP #2 – “Friends at the Farm”

As you know, we don’t grow everything here.

(Yikes!  Could you imagine us trying to do that?!??! )

We thought,

“Why not invite some of our farming friends to come, and meet our amazing Farm Family (that’s YOU!)?”

Invitations were extended, our kind friends chose to ‘humour us’ … and…. it’s all coming together!

We’re so excited!!!!!!!!!!

The plan is that we will host a different ‘guest’ EACH THURSDAY AFTERNOON throughout July and August. They will bring their wonderful products right here, to the farm for you.

It will be a great opportunity to meet the producers, try a sample, make connections, and of course – purchase their products!

We’re still finalizing the list, but at this point we can tell you we have confirmed the following guests:



So, keep your eyes open for more news about this.

We will be adding a few more names to the list in the coming weeks to make sure that July and August are filled up.  We’ll also be posting a schedule, so that you’ll know who’s coming for which week!

There are so many really wonderful, local products available … not too far from home.

The trick sometimes, is knowing where to find them.

Hopefully this will help!

Thanks for reading,

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3 Responses to “Something’s Different Here…”

  1. Shepheard 1251 Rideau Ferry Road

    I think this a great idea. Appreciating you in our neighbourhood.


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