Stranger things HAVE happened….(haven’t they???)

It COULD happen!  We have faith!  (We have to – we’re farmers, the eternal optimists!!)

It really is astonishing how things DO work out.  In an effort to encourage ALL of us a little bit, I had a look back through the strawberry records to see what our earliest and latest opening dates have been over the past 10 years.  Here’s what I found:

Earliest Start:  2012 – June 9th

Latest Start:  2009 – June 20th

What will the weather do over the next 60 days?  Who knows!

Will it be our earliest start ever?  Likely not.

Will it be our latest?  Hard to say.

What we DO know is that the snow WILL go away, we WILL get planting (eventually…) and things WILL grow.

For now, we just laugh, shake our heads, and take lots of photos so that someday, when our grandkids ask – and our memories fail – we’ll have the proof!  





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