We did it!!! We made it a “5-Berry Day”!


It looks like we’ve arrived!  We’ve just changed our Berry Picking Rating to 5 out of 5!





What do you think?

We think the photo says it all.
(I snapped it just this morning in the patch.)



In a row like that (and there are many of them) it won’t take long for you to fill a basket.






Based on previous experience, the picking should be incredible for about a week, since this is – believe it or not – nearing “mid-season”.
Then it will (sadly) start to taper off, and before you know it, we’ll be left with nothing but memories (and hopefully a freezer full of strawberries, pies, and jams) until it all starts again next year!

Pick-Your-Own from 7 AM to 7 PM (sometimes later…call or email to inquire) Monday through Saturday.

We’ll see you at the farm!



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