When it’s over….it’s OVER!

How do you know when Strawberry season is truly finished?

Well, once we make a run through with this machine, there’s really no mistaking it!



Yes, that is a mower, much like a larger version of your lawn mower.  And yes, we are chopping off ALL of the tops of the strawberry plants!  (Don’t be confused.  Robert is moving backward down the rows, so it’s the plants in front of the tractor that have already been mowed down.) 

Seems rather harsh, doesn’t it?
It’s called “Renovation”.

Now, if you’ve ever lived through any other type of ‘renovation’, you will know that it almost always means that things are going to look worse before they look better.  It’s the same with the strawberry patch.

This video does a decent job of explaining the ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ of renovating a strawberry patch.

When the mower has passed by, this is what we’re left with…(the row on the right)…


It doesn’t end there!

We will still have to do the tilling and narrowing of the rows.  Then in the late fall – after a frost or two, we will apply the straw mulch over the whole patch and ‘tuck them in’ for the winter.

Until then….we’ll be in the vegetable patch!

Never a dull moment!!




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