Do any of these sound familiar…?

  • Your work schedule is all over the map.
  • The folks around your table aren’t exactly ‘adventurous’ when it comes to something new.
  • It’s tough to get out to the farm EVERY single week…let alone on the SAME day each week!
  • Some weeks the house is full…other times it’s only one or two of you.
  • You’re good with surprises…just maybe not in your grocery cart!  (You like to choose for yourself what you eat…and when.)



You still feel like you want to…

  • ‘buy in’ to your local community by belonging to a membership-style program
  • support your farming friends with a seasonal commitment
  • have a steady – and delicious – supply of fresh strawberries and vegetables throughout the summer and fall
  • AND save money at the same time???

We get ALL of that!

…and we think we have a solution that you will love!

Bountiful Basket Logo

May we introduce:

Bountiful Baskets – FREESTYLE”

YOUR food – YOUR timing – YOUR way


NEW for the 2020 season – our prepaid, gift card program that lets YOU call the shots (and helps you save money too!)

Here’s How it Works

  • Purchase a Membership BEFORE May 31st

    Just like the original Bountiful Basket Program, ‘Bountiful Baskets – FREESTYLE’ operates on a pre-paid basis.   Payments may be made by Credit Card, Paypal, E-transfer or cash.  After filling out our simple, online registration form, and completing your payment, you’ll be away to the races!

  • Get your Card

    After the first step is completed, we will load your gift card for you.  It is a regular, plastic gift card with a magnetic strip (YES, we have those now!) Since this takes place before the Roadside Stand is open, we’ll be in touch to arrange the best way to connect and get that little treasure into your hands!

  • Fill Your Boots!

    Awe shucks…that’s just a figure of speech!  Fill whatever you like – your BAG, your BOX, your BASKET, your TRUNK?!?!  Or…don’t!  That’s the beauty of this program.  You get WHAT you want, WHEN you want it.
    It’s as simple as a swipe of the card.  Just keep on using it (like any gift card) until the balance is down to zero.

  • We'll give you 110% ... LITERALLY!

    We said you’d save money!  It’s true.
    When you sign up for the ‘Bountiful Baskets – FREESTYLE’ Program, you’ll pay $200.00.   But we’re topping that up!  Your gift card will be loaded up with $220.00 – an extra 10%.  (Where else are you making THAT kind of interest these days???) 

Payment Accepted at the Farm - Cash or Debit
Payment at the Perth Wagon - Cash Only

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