Registration NOW CLOSED for 2021!!!
See You In MARCH 2022

We get it!

You WANT to eat more vegetables.

You INTEND to eat more vegetables….

…but it’s so easy to keep going back to the ‘same old thing’ where meals are concerned.

We all do it.

Is 2021 the year when you’ll take action and make the change?

This summer, we can help you eat healthier…and ENJOY it!

Check this out…

Bountiful Basket Logo

Our version of a weekly food basket

also sometimes known as a CSA Program (Community Supported Agriculture)

…ALL of the bounty… NONE of the risk!

(Seriously…click here for the reason)

Anyone who enjoys (or WOULD LIKE TO enjoy) eating vegetables. Click here for help in deciding whether they are a good fit for you.

A whole-season (15 week) subscription of locally grown, freshly picked, and lovingly packed, vegetables and fruits.

Click here for examples, including tantalizing photos of some previous baskets.

Click here for a list of  ‘possible’ items.

Click here for 2021 pricing.

Weekly, from late June through October (15 weeks). Start date is usually the final week of June.

Right here at the farm.  (65 Rideau Ferry Road, Lombardy) 

With your choice of days…Tuesday OR Thursday.

Well…. why NOT? You’ll be supporting a local, family farm. You’ll have fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables to put on your table EVERY week…and… it’s FUN! Click here to see what other folks are saying…

Easy! Sign up (between March 1 and May 31), make your full payment, and prepare to have more fun with vegetables than you ever imagined was possible!

Still have unanswered questions? (That’s a good thing…it means you’re thinking!!) Click here for even MORE information.

Registration NOW CLOSED for 2021!!!
See You In MARCH 2022

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Payment Accepted at the Farm - Debit, Credit or Cash

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