If you’ve tasted them…you know!!

There’s nothing like a fresh strawberries, straight from the patch!

Bring the family out to the farm and Pick-Your-Own (in season), or grab a basket of freshly picked strawberries from our roadside stand.   

COVID-19 means some changes…

…yet, in many ways…it’s business as usual around here.

As a food retail business, we are permitted to open the Roadside Stand AND the Pick-Your-Own Berry patch this season.

In 2020 we implemented some new protocols and procedures, which – with your co-operation – resulted in a wonderful AND SAFE season on the farm!

We are excited as we continue to adapt and improve this year (2021), to bring you the fruits (and vegetables!) of our labour.

Here’s a quick run-down of some key points….

  • Roadside Stand will be OPEN from mid-June through the end of October.  (Hours are subject to change throughout the season…refer to our HOURS page.)
  • Safety protocols at the Roadside Stand…please read signs and follow instructions from our team.
  • Touchless payment accepted and encouraged (Cash still accepted also!)
  • Pre-picked sales from the HOME FARM only (no off-farm locations this year )
  • Potential for online ordering and curbside pickup if required/desired.


  • An extensive (AND IMPORTANT) list of Field Rules.
    You know we are usually pretty casual, country folk, but THIS year, if we want to be open, we have no choice but to lay out the ground rules in no uncertain terms.  Thanks for your understanding.  They’re in place for everyone’s safety, and WILL be enforced.  (See the 2021 Rules for Pick-Your-Own HERE.)
  • A SECOND Patch!!  Yep, with the increased interest in PYO, we are being proactive and getting ready (as much as we can) to meet your needs.  Be prepared to be ‘redirected’ in the parking lot…in the event that we choose to send you to a different field!  Please follow the ‘U-Pick’ signs…clearly posted.

The Back-Story…

In 2008, we decided that we were ready for a new challenge. So, we planted a few acres of strawberries – the traditional June-bearing type. We already grew dozens of other crops. “What’s one more?” we thought. Little did we know how steep the learning curve would be! What an adventure it has been!


Picking usually begins around the third week of June – about the time that school is finishing up for the year! Depending on the weather, we’ll have only 4 to 5 weeks of good picking.

Because the season always flies by so quickly, we recommend eating strawberries AT LEAST once a day for that entire month!!

Don’t think it can be done? Trust us…it can!! If you need a little inspiration, click here for 100+ recipe ideas from Foodland Ontario.


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Payment Accepted at the Farm - Debit, Credit or Cash

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