Welcome to Our Kitchen Table

Is life around your table as crazy as it is around ours?

Perhaps like many others, you’ve recently come to appreciate less hurried times spent around the kitchen table.  What what once a ‘catch all’ surface for backpacks, lunch kits, car keys and junk mail has been reclaimed as a spot to connect with the people nearest and dearest to us…

  It’s so much more than a piece of furniture. It’s the gathering place for our family, where we reconnect each day. It’s the boardroom for hashing out plans and decisions as our 4th generation family farm moves forward. And often, it’s the setting for an intricate craft project or a rousing family board game which – regardless of the outcome – always serve to deepen those family ties.

Food is a powerful way for people to connect.

We know that you want the meals on your kitchen table to be prepared with fresh and delicious ingredients.   It’s also important that you know where those ingredients came from and how they were grown. We can help. From Asparagus to Zucchini….and all points in between, count on Miller’s Bay Farm to grow it for you with the same love and attention to detail we put into it for our own family.

We would be honoured if you’d have room at your table for us.

“The ‘Grow’ Must Go On…”  

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things…many  of them for GOOD!

Here are a few ways it has ‘grown’ us:

  • We’ve established our online store.  It can ‘go live’ with the flip of a switch when/if we deem it necessary.
  • Tested Curbside pickup.  It has worked wonderfully for asparagus sales, in particular.
  • Tap payments (debit or credit) are now accepted…and now, thanks to a data plan, fewer connection glitches!! Yay!!!
  • Improved policies and procedures … general food safety…as well as COVID-19 specific safety protocols.
  • New and improved customer parking and service area (planned pre-COVID…but can you say “perfect timing”!??!)

We have an amazing community.  Both in terms of our Farm Fresh Family, and within the broader agricultural community.  It has been an incredible time of banding together in the midst of difficulty and cheering each other through this.  We have felt so supported, encouraged and appreciated during this time, that quite frankly, we are overwhelmed.

The other thing COVID-19 has done is given us all the time….and good reasons…to ask some questions about our food. 

Maybe your questions are similar to ours?  Click the button for more on that…

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