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  • Step ONE – choose your Basket Size:  Small or Large.
             (See examples below to compare  SMALL and LARGE.)
    …or check out our FREESTYLE  option for 2021… Read more HERE.
  • Step TWO – Complete the online registration form.
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    **NOTE:  For 2021, all Basket Pick-ups will be at the farm…and with your choice of  day:  Tuesday or Thursday
  • Step THREE  – Payment.
    Once you click ADD TO BASKET you will be automatically directed to your CART page. Confirm your choice and click CHECKOUT
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Please watch for TWO confirmation emails:

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2 – A receipt either showing your credit card payment
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Small Basket

Great for 2 Adults


* April pricing

(Sale price ends Apr 30)


Summer – Small (sample)

Carrots – 6-8 with tops; Leaf lettuce – 1 head; Green onions – 1 bunch; Cucumbers – 3; Sweet corn – 2 cobs;
Zucchini – 3 small; Tomatoes – 2 medium

Autumn – Small (sample)

Green beans – 1 lb.; Brussels sprouts – ½ lb.;
New potatoes – 2 lbs.; Butternut squash – 1;
Pepper squash -1

Large Basket

Great for Family of 4


* April pricing

(Sale price Ends Apr 30)


Summer – Large (sample)

Carrots – 12-15 with tops; Leaf lettuce – 1 large head; Green onions – 2 bunches; Cucumbers – 6; Sweet corn – 6 cobs; Zucchini – 4 small;  Tomatoes – 4 medium

Autumn – Large (sample)

Green beans – 1.5 lbs.; Brussels sprouts – 1 lbs.;
New potatoes – 5 lbs.; Butternut squash – 2;
Pepper squash -2

Unsure about the weekly commitment?

Uneasy about the lack of control?

Maybe THIS is a better fit for you…

May we present:

Bountiful Baskets – FREESTYLE”

YOUR food – YOUR timing – YOUR way

First introduced in 2020 – our prepaid, gift card program that lets YOU call the shots (and helps you save money too!)

Payment Accepted at the Farm - Debit, Credit or Cash

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