Miller's Bay Farm Online Store

This is where you can purchase our Gift Cards and Miller’s Bay Farm apparel.

From Strawberry time until Pumpkins… you’ll find everything we have to offer on our Roadside Stand at the farm – ‘live and In Person’!

(Wondering what’s currently on offer? Click HERE.)

Miller's Bay Farm Online Store

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by our Online Store!

(It’s looking a bit ‘sparse’, isn’t it??)

In season (June through November), you’ll find most anything you’re looking for at our Roadside Stand.

We do not currently offer online sales of our perishable products.

From March through May, we have our Bountiful Basket subscriptions available for purchase. Ask us about them next time you drop by the Roadside Stand, or click HERE to find out more right now.

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final

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