A Monday Morning Musing

Disclaimer:  This post is just me…putting down my rambling thoughts ‘on paper’ because…well, sometimes it just seems like a good idea to share.  I’m not fussing with the fonts, or the layout.  Just being real, on a Monday morning.


Sometimes Monday mornings are hard.

5:20 AM:  Today when the alarm rang, I think that both Robert and I tried to sqeeze our eyes shut hard enough to chase this particular Monday away…far, far away.  It didn’t work.  And our hearts were so anxious, we couldn’t have fallen back asleep if we’d tried.

We’ve been waiting for this – a sunny day, a sunny forecast, for more than 36 hours in a stretch.

But, now that it’s here, things feel completely overwhelming.  All of those things that ‘should’ have been done long ago ‘in a normal year’ still scream at us from the lengthy ‘to – do’ list.

We knew what we had to do…we just weren’t all that crazy about doing it…today.
Surely you feel this way too sometimes?

So, we rolled on out of bed and began the morning routine…one slightly heavy foot ahead of the other.
(I’ve read recently that what you do in the first hour after waking up sets the tone for the whole day, and over the past month, we both have found it to ring true.)

Robert made his way to his favourite chair, journal and Bible in hand, for his morning chat with God.
I laced up the runners headed out for my own morning quiet time.  Often that’s where I too find myself in conversation with The One who guides my steps and urges me along when I’m starting to drag.  (Like most dads, He is happy to meet with us anywhere, anytime!  Thank goodness!!)

6:30 AM:  Back home…still a little apprehensive…but knowing (…although not yet fully FEELING…) that ‘we CAN do this.’

The kids are starting to stir…they’ve got their own ‘stuff’ going on too.  High school exams, after school commitments, end of year excitement.   While they are in-tune enough to sense our anxious thoughts, we are careful not to burden them with our ‘grown up’ concerns and worries.

Hugs and ‘I love you’s’ as they head out the door… a welcome deposit to the ’emotional bank accounts’, hopefully going both ways.

Shower ….. breakfast …. COFFEE …. 🙂

9:00 AM:  Things are moving now…the team arrives to clock in and get started…
After a flurry of ‘Good Mornings’ (and today – introductions as well, as we have 2 new guys starting their first shift.  No doubt they’re feeling a little apprehenive too!!) those first jobs get knocked off the list, or delegated with the confidence that they WILL be by day’s end.


We’re doing this.

We really are.

And we STILL love it.  How can that be?

Honestly, as I type this with tears in my eyes, (okay,  they may have overflowed just a little….actually…since we’re being totally honest….), I’m not sure of the reason.

I think maybe it’s this….


As I walked back into the house to tackle my own ‘to-do’ list (which incidentally did NOT include a blog post today!!) it hit me like a 2 x 4 to the side of the head…

This is our passion…  farming is what we have BOTH wanted to spend our lives doing since we were kids.

As often as we ask ourselves, “Why on earth do we keep on going???”, we are reminded that it is what we love…even when it’s hard….especially when it’s hard… and it’s a privelege to have a calling and an occupation that we are fully invested in.

It’s now shortly after 10 AM, and I’m finding myself feeling excited about this week (…and I don’t think it’s JUST the coffee kicking in)!

Next task…a walk through the strawberry patch.  Must try to figure out some sort of an answer to the ‘question of the week’   ….. “When will those strawberries be ready???”

Stay tuned.

It’s going to be a great day!

No,  It already IS a great day!!



One Response to “A Monday Morning Musing”

  1. Lianne

    Shannon – I loved this post. So real and indeed – we have all ‘been there’ at points in our lives. And truly waking up with a sketchy feel for the day, is NO Way to start the day. Our ‘morning routine’ should involve something more uplifting than washing our face, combing our hair, making breakfast and having a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a good run, or some inspirational input from a source that means a lot to you – it’s all the same ‘kick in the pants’ that we need on those tough days. Thanks for being real and sharing your ‘words of wisdom’ to inspire us.


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