(We love to hear from you!  This was some feedback from a returning Bountiful Basket Member that we wanted to share.  We suspect that it may answer some of the questions a lot of folks have about the program. )

… the only one that had comparable selection to yours was the first one I joined…and it was quite a bit more expensive. I appreciate that a lot of CSAs include unusual crops as a fun introduction to new foods, but I found those would oftentimes be wasted if we didn’t like them or didn’t know how to use them in our regular cooking routine, plus I felt they took space in the box from more practical veggies.

I love that yours has all the tried and true standards and I can count on the whole basket being used by week’s end – and at a price that has other CSAs beat.

I also really like that you offer large and small basket options; for my small family I would always buy the “half-share” option at other CSAs, which was a full-share box but picked up every other week instead of every week, which meant less-frequent fresh produce and a challenge to get through everything before it went bad.

The small basket is the perfect size for our family. “


  There you have it!  In summary…

  • Varied selection
  • Not too many ‘unusual’ (aka puzzling!) items
  • Reasonable price
  • Size options to fit differing needs
  • Fresh supply EVERY week (regardless of basket size)
    …and of course….
  • ALL local, home-grown, right here at Miller’s Bay Farm!


Have we got you thinking about it?



Sign up is open until May 31st!



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