The Story Behind the Stones

 You have waited so patiently to find out what this….

…was all about.


I have finally stolen a few moments to let you in on the whole story.

But first – a disclaimer…

You should NOT bother to read this post IF:

  • you are only interested in news about the farm/strawberries/vegetables.
  • you only like short blog posts.
  • you don’t “do” sentimental.

Still with me?

Okay, but don’t say you weren’t warned!!

2014 has held some significant milestones for our family.  In case you missed it, I (Shannon) became a member of the “40+ club” back in July.
Far more impressive than that, my Grandma Hunter (my Dad’s Mom) just celebrated her 90th birthday last week!

We had been rolling this particular project over in our minds for a long time, and it just seemed that this was the year to  make it happen.

You see, Grandma was born and raised on a farm not far from here – just outside of Perth (Wildlife Road, for those of you who are familiar with the area).  The farm buildings there still stand today, and are lovingly cared for – and enjoyed by – their current owners.

Something that Grandma had always felt sad about though, was the fact that many years (and owners) ago, the once-majestic, stone gateposts had been left to crumble.

Once Upon a Time...

Once Upon a Time…


We had always hoped to add something similar at the front of our property…

… and we were fairly certain, that seeing them finally reconstructed would make Grandma pretty happy!!

And so began what became known between Robert and I as the top-secret…
“Operation 40-90”!

After the preliminary talks with the owner of Grandma’s home farm (and thus the stones),
discussions with, and quotes from the Stone Mason,
we sprang into action…one hushed step at a time.

Step #1 – Bring home the pieces….without raising too many questions….

Those things are...HEAVY!

Wagon Tires….please don’t fail us now!



“Home” safe and sound.


Steps # 2 – 4

– Unload wagon
– Wait for the Masons to be ready (and for things to quiet down out by the road)
– Shhh!  Don’t let anything slip!!


November… the guys from Keystone Traditional Masonry are ready to work their magic!
(Jim and his team are absolutely the BEST!!  Incidentally, they also re-bricked our house when we renovated back in 2000)

Steps # 5 – 287 (a.k.a. completion!)

The actual building of the posts only took about two weeks, and most of it  happened under the large, very orange, tarps.  (as you seem to have noticed)

(We can’t get away with ANYTHING around here!  We don’t mind.  We’re flattered that you folks keep such a close eye on our shenanigans!  Your guesses regarding what was under the tarps ranged from…
…”a new fence/gate” … “a Nativity scene” …
…to … “a broken down tractor” and “a permanent farm store”.)

Of course, the main purpose of the tarps was not to create a commotion, but rather to keep the stones, mortar, and working area warm (yes, Hydro One is loving us this  month!).

The (seemingly excessive) height was necessary to accommodate the electric hoist system used to set each of the stones into place.


…..You’re STILL reading along??

Thanks for sticking with me.  I promise I’m almost through!


Now…the second-best part:


The End Result

The End Result

You may ask, “If the end result was the second-best part, what was the BEST part?”

That’s easy….


Grandma's Reaction...

Grandma’s Reaction…

"Are those "My Gateposts"? "

“Are those “My Gateposts” ?”


“Yes, Grandma.  Yes, they are!”

She could scarcely believe her eyes.  She was thrilled…even called it, “a dream come true”…


…and that, friends, is a memory you cannot put a price-tag on.

November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014







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9 Responses to “The Story Behind the Stones”

  1. Josephine Moreau

    A wonderful thought and gift and a job well done. I will look forward to seeing them when I move back to Chris and Rose’s and of course when I stop in at the stand.

  2. Lianne Morgan-Sands

    What a very cool and touching story. Knowing your Grandmother – I can just imagine how thrilled she was/is. So beautiful that a tradition that meant so much in your family background can be revived and also beautify your wonderful business and home.

  3. Valerie Deakin

    My curiosity is now satisfied, I wondered what was underneath the tarps. Nice story!!