Don’t just SEE the good….TELL someone about it!!


You know the debate…. “Glass half full…. Glass half empty…??”

There’s a lot of talk these days about … well, EVERYTHING really!!

Right off the top, let’s get one thing straight:  We’re NOT candy-coating anything or standing around with our heads in the proverbial sand.  We KNOW that a lot of people are in a really tough spot right now, for a multitude of different reasons…and this ‘new normal’ is difficult in SOME way for every single one of us.

At the same time….

There’s a lot of good in the world.

As a family, we have been consciously working on taking our thoughts captive and choosing to see the good in things, as the sign suggests.   Not gonna lie….some days it’s a lot easier than others!!


It’s one thing to ‘think’ good thoughts, but what do we do with them then?

I have a confession.

Often, that’s where it stops for me.  I have all of these good thoughts about things, situations, the people in my life…. and I just let them ramble around in my head and never go anywhere!

Imagine if I were to SPEAK those thoughts to those people, as a word of encouragement – or a compliment?

What a difference it would make…

…in someone’s day

…to their outlook on life

…for their business!!


So, I’ve set myself a challenge – to start doing just that.

In fact, I’ve already begun!  Earlier today, I took a couple of minutes and posted a Google 5-Star review of a local business.  (See it HERE if you’re curious…) It’s so easy.  Why don’t I do that more often?

Why don’t any of us do it more often?

Ok, just a minute.  Hold the phone!! 

This is NOT the Miller’s asking you to scoot over and post a glowing review of Miller’s Bay Farm…




(Please know that we FULLY appreciate those reviews that you’ve already put up, but that’s not what this is about.)

Here’s the thing.

  • Most of us could list several businesses whose products or services we love and appreciate.


  • Many of those businesses are having a tough go of it right now – either because they’ve had to close…or DRASTICALLY alter the way that they operate, for the time being.


  • Many of us find ourselves with some extra time on our hands right now….and truly – is scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for ANOTHER 30 minutes REALLY to anyone’s benefit?? (NOT judging here….I have spent more time at this lately than I’d even like to consider!!)


  • And did you know…that up to 90% of customers read online reviews before making a purchasing decision?  Reviews matter!


So…WHAT IF…. each one of us, each day, for just a few days – maybe a week – took the time to post a review of one of our personal favourites?  When you added them up, that would be a whole plethora of positivity!!!

Oh man,   I’m getting pumped just thinking about it!!!

Could we do that?

Would you join us?

Just tell the world what you think!  Share how that business, or their product, or a member of their team has solved a particular problem for you.  Or let us know why you are a ‘customer for life’ at a particular spot.  Think about what you would want to know if you were looking for that product or service…and then answer those questions for the reader!

(Google reviews are great, because they are most visible when someone searches for a business or service.  Of course there are also Facebook recommendations, TripAdvisor reviews – depending on the type of business, and many others too. )

If you need a little help navigating the HOW of getting your review online, just ask!  We’re no experts, but we’d be glad to give you some pointers or walk you through your first one.

And if that just seems like it’s going to take too much and you’re already mentally exhausted…never underestimate the power of a quick email, phone call, or handwritten note to tell somebody that you appreciate them.

However you want to – Just Say It!

We’re pretty sure that nobody has ever regretted passing along a kind word!



6 Responses

  1. What a nice way to start my day – reading your email! Heading back to my sewing room and doing some “creative stuff” I haven’t done in ages. AND, the sun is shining. Keep up the happy thoughts!

  2. Great idea! I couldn’t agree more. Today I gave a review to a local business that is great (Laura Jane’s Pet food in Perth). Took about 15 seconds. I’ll do more.

  3. Hi Shannon! I sent a long letter to the residents of Lanark Lodge wishing them a Happy Easter. Thought some outside news when they are not allowed visitors may cheer some people up a bit. My grandchildren drew pictures for them and they were able to send them along also. Now I am going through my photo files and sending them pictures of Spring flowers, birds, wildlife that we see in our yard. This time reminds me alot of the stories my Mom told me about growing up in England during WWll. Take care and hope to see your smiling faces at the roadside stand one day soon!

    1. Hi Christine,
      That is so thoughtful of you! I’m sure the folks at Lanark Lodge are loving your photos and your letter! It certainly is interesting to see the parallels between this time we’re living in and others throughout history.
      Looking forward to seeing you soon as well!
      Take good care!

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