This is NOT a romantic story…

I love you in pasture field with heart

…seriously. It’s not.

Have you ever had an experience or an exchange that seems simple enough at the time, but leaves you pondering for days?

Yeah, that’s what this post is about…. that, plus saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.

This happened here on the farm this week:

Aerial photo of field with I love you mowed into the grass
I <3 you photo at Miller’s Bay Farm

The REAL story… my farmer hubby headed out to mow down some ugly old thistles before they went to seed, and thus infested the whole field (and beyond). It was ‘just another job’ that needed to be done.

But then, in his words,

“While I was at it, I thought ‘why not? I could do that (the lettering) while I’m here!’ “



Now, before you go second-guessing the title of this post, you need to know that neither my farmer, nor I (Shannon) are what you would describe as ‘hopeless romantics’. Believe you me, we are far from being the poster children for ANY sort of perfect relationship!

(Hello?!? Anybody else out there doing life, marriage, parenting AND business with the same partner – all day, every day? We know YOU get where we’re coming from!) 

It’s a little too easy to ‘drift’, particularly during the busy times.

We know we shouldn’t, and yet we do.

This is the point of my story…. if there is ANYONE out there who means the world to you …

  • child
  • parent
  • partner
  • friend
  • ….anyone…

 When was the last time you told them?

It doesn’t have to be elaborate…or expensive….

(okay, not everyone has the means to carve it in a field… and I’m not downplaying my farmers’ efforts. I thought it was just about the sweetest thing I’ve seen in months to be honest… but the point is, it kind of just happened…and it didn’t cost a thing, except a few extra minutes.)

Could you send someone a text message, right now? (It takes – literally – SECONDS.)

Scribble it on a napkin.

Write it in the dust on their car dashboard (or is it only our vehicles that have enough dust to do that???)


I love you in pasture field with heart


Humans have a need to feel loved. We don’t have to look far to find research backing the claim that brief experiences of love and connection in everyday life lead to improved health…in all forms of the word.

I have no idea how reliable the research they’ve quoted is, but this article definitely has some interesting food for thought on the subject.

When Should You Say ‘I Love You’? More Than You Think

The title sums it up perfectly. We need to say it more.



So, I’ve issued myself a challenge.

For the next seven days, I will make a point to tell someone that I love them.

Simply. Spontaneously. Sincerely.

Care to join me?

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  1. I’m with you Shannon, the whole day to day parenting, marriage & business, all day every day. So true. I love the grass cut. Only though if I tried that at home I’d be shot. LOL Dust on the dash is more us tee hee. We have lots too. Great little story, love reading yours! Take care Miller Family

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