As I sat yesterday, pondering the beginning of a new decade, it occurred to me that twenty years ago TODAY was a pretty significant day in the story of Miller’s Bay Farm.

See, January 1, 2000 was  the day (on paper) that Robert and I purchased the family farm from Mom & Dad Miller.


We didn’t just purchase a business & property though…along with it came decades of REALLY hard work; lessons learned through life experiences of generations of Millers before us… worry…. blood – sweat – tears…. FAITH…. and LOVE …. so much love

for the land

for the lifestyle

for the animals

for the community

…for the Creator of it all, who faithfully provides a harvest (be it abundant…or not …) every season.

A lot has stayed the same over these past two decades…

…but MUCH has changed!

We’ve done a whole lot of growing (literally, and figuratively!)

We’re excited to spend some time this year looking back, reflecting – and celebrating

“20 years in 2020”!  

Won’t you join us?  

11 Responses to “January 1, 2000….a beginning (of sorts).”

    • Taylor

      Congratulations on 20 years! It is nice to read how you recognize all that ‘Mom and Dad Miller’ put in, and how important it all is. From my dealings with the farm thus far, it seems the next generation carries those same traits and values. Many more!

      • Shannon

        Thanks Taylor,
        It’s been a pleasure to get to know you this past summer through our quick visits each Tuesday!
        Having both been raised in farming families, we are so very thankful for the legacies we’ve inherited. We are well aware that without the efforts of those who came before us, things would be very different today.

    • Shannon

      Don’t know where we’d be without you and Lianne!! Wherever we ‘would be’, one thing’s certain…the road to get there would have had a lot less laughs!! Thanks for everything.

  1. Laurence wood

    Well… I can remember as a kid always enjoying the sweet corn every August night for supper that Mom would have picked up from Don and Wilma’s. Dad loved both the corn and the syrup which was a staple at our house all my growing up years… here 40 + years later I still look forward to eating the great “fruit of your labours “ at my dinner table. Thanks for all the great memories Rob and Shannon. Am looking forward to many more laughs, enlightening conversations, and a great friendship with our families.

    • Shannon

      Love those memories, Laurence!! Thanks for sharing them.
      …and did you ever think, at the time, that decades later…your own daughter would have been working here with us as her summer job!??!

  2. Merril Leonard

    What a great story about the greatest people. I treasure dearly every minute I have spent with your family.

    • Shannon

      Thank you for your kind words, Merril!
      Even though we don’t get to steal away to visit you as often as we’d like when it’s cottage time…we sure appreciate your friendship (and fishing expertise!!).

    • Shannon

      Wow, MJ…that’s a big word for these li’l ol’ farmers!! You’re making us blush a bit!!
      Thanks for your continued support. Without it, we’d just be driving around in our fields for nothing at all. 🙂


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