Two Words…

Thank You.

    It’s all finished!

Wow! Our 2019 season was one to remember.

As we pack up the Roadside Stand and pull the wagon back under cover for the winter, we can’t quite get our thoughts and feelings into words…at least…not in a coherent manner that you would want to read!!

Yes, this season WAS our ‘best ever’….in many ways.  We’re not even talking about ‘dollars and cents’. (The numbers have to work…don’t get us wrong.  We are running a business here)

We entered 2019 with a fresh, new outlook, and from the very start, everything was just …. so different.

Perhaps it can best be summed up by this quote:  


That’s not to say that in every moment and every circumstance we had the proper attitude…

We ARE human… very human!!

It’s just amazing though, when you’re ‘pulling together’ toward a common goal, how things seem so to flow much easier (and are enjoyable!)

For today, as we ‘close the book’ on 2019, suffice it to say that our hearts are FULL. If we were to choose a few words …. Blessed   …   Humbled …. Content  ….. Thankful …. would be the ones.

Speaking of thankful…

Thank YOU…

…if you supported us by purchasing our products from us, or from other businesses who carry them.

…if you are part of our team… providing us with your top-notch goods or services as we run this business.

…if you are among the many who keep the ‘buzz’ going on Facebook and Instagram … liking, sharing, commenting, posting on your own page, taking a minute to give a postive review… You’re amazing!

…if you provided constructive feedback, allowing us to improve the way we do things around here!

….if you told a friend, neighbour or co-worker about us…or even shared your goodies with them.

… if you prayed for us…or with us. 🙂

…if you encouraged us …with words, acts of kindness, treats, hugs, notes, high-fives…. in ANY way…you kept us going!!

Thank. You.  

Like photos?

Here’s a little recap of the year….

One Response to “Two Words…”

  1. Valerie betty Briscoe

    Hope you had a respectful year..
    Hope the changes you have made have been your chooses…
    And best of luck in 2020…


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