“Wow” just doesn’t seem like a BIG enough word to cover it.

These two ….


… are celebrating 65 years of marriage today.

So, when you add it up – 65 years for each – they’ve got 130 years of experience as partners in marriage…in the farming business… and in life.

As Robert and I reflect back over our mere 20 years of marriage, and the journey it has been so far… to think of 65 seems …. well… just absolutely remarkable, to be honest.

As most couples who have been married any length of time at all would tell you, Mom & Dad will admit that it hasn’t all been easy…or fun.  They have weathered their fair share (at least) of storms.

But they’ve done it together, while holding tight to each other, and to their unshakable faith.

In the process, they have provided an inspiring example to their family and all who know them.  An example of what it looks like to live out those marriage vows taken so many years ago, with love and grace.

So, as much as it will make them feel uncomfortable (…neither of them being lovers of the spotlight…), today seems like a very appropriate day to say,

“Thank you Mom & Dad.

… for your perseverance.

… for your love – for each other, and for those around you.

… for your example, your prayers, and your encouragement.”

If it hadn’t been for all of that, the story of the Miller Family  – and of Miller’s Bay Farm – would have unfolded very differently over these past decades.

Although they have since passed the pen to us, we are beyond grateful for the chapters that Donald and Wilma Miller helped to write!

Happy Anniversary ❤






8 Responses to “130 years of partnership…and counting…”

  1. Christine Love

    Congratulations and thank you for all you do! Christine and Joe Love, soon to celebrate 43 years of marriage!

  2. Laurie Hunter

    That’s alot of years of life experience…congratulations❤
    Laurie Hunter

  3. Brenda Ferguson

    You two are such a amazing couple ive known you forever you both are so strong and Wilma you were my best teacher ever I love dropping in to visit with you both I always feel better when I leave

  4. Moe Fraser-Deveau

    What an incrediable journey in life,
    We have never met, but we would still like to
    Wish you both a very Happy 65th Anniversary

    Moe & Bernie


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