WOW…and now…

WOW!! Wasn’t that a party?!?


2019 has been a strawberry season for the books!  Thank you for making it so great!

Whether at the Roadside Stand at the Farm, in the Pick-Your-Own Patch, the Perth Farmers’ Market, or our Perth Wagon at Penny’s Place… records were broken in every spot, and that’s all because of you and your support.  You are the BEST!

But…guess what?

The excitement is FAR from over, because NOW we move right into vegetable time!

We’re not sure what your thoughts on vegetables are, but around here, we can’t find ANYTHING boring about them…especially when they are freshly picked for you, straight from our fields…still loaded with nutrients and flavour and just begging to be taken home for your family’s enjoyment!

Did you know that you can check on ‘What’s available’ anytime, from anywhere?


Check out the handy, newly posted  “On the Stand” page on our website.  You may not have seen that particular page yet, since we have JUST made it active.  We’ll keep it updated at least once each week.  That way, you’ll always have a good idea of what’s coming out of the fields and ready for your dinner plate!

Now…there is one thing we did need to chat about, and we’d love to have your feedback.

If you are one of our Perth area friends, this applies to you even more.

For the past few years, once strawberries have tapered off, we have closed our Perth Wagon at Penny’s Place.

This year, we would like to keep it open, but it doesn’t seem quite feasible to stay there 6 days per week right now.

Can we meet in the middle?

What if we were to commit to being at the Perth Wagon with a full lineup of our vegetables each Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the summer?

(Remember you can also catch us at the Perth Farmers’ Market every Saturday… so that means we would have the Perth area ‘covered’ for 3 days each week. )

If you are (or could be) a patron of our Perth location, we really would love to hear your thoughts on this one.  Please drop us an email at , comment below, or pick up the phone and give us a call at 613-283-0205.




18 Responses to “WOW…and now…”

  1. Debby

    Hi I would like to see the stand open on Friday, this is the day to travel to the cottage and it would be nice to be able to pick up fresh vegetables

    • Shannon

      That’s a great point, Debby!
      Thank you for mentioning that.
      Friday is a possibility, for sure.

    • Taylor

      That should say I think two days a week is fair and agree with the point about Fridays. I live outside of town but we always stop for fresh produce when camping or cottaging! I work in town so the Penny’s location makes the most sense for me.

  2. Jocelyn Raymond

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are fine for me. I will be there with bells on. Super idea!

  3. Bronwen Gemmill

    I live in Perth but at the opposite end from the Hwy. Closer to the farm. If you have enough bounty to keep the wagon open, it seems reasonable to do so. I think the point about Friday cottagers seems valid. But I think if you’re consistent, people will find you and seek you out.

    • Shannon

      Thank you Bronwen,
      We agree that consistency is the key.
      Appreciate your feedback. Thanks again!

  4. debi sparks

    That would be awesome. Got berries, beans and zucchini yesterday. All great, would be nice to be able to buy them in town.

  5. Diane

    I think 2 days a week makes sense. To me the Tuesday and Friday are perfect.

    • Barb

      I agree with Diane – Tues and Fridays would be great. Especially during corn season.

  6. Melanie

    As long as the stand is open on Tuesday when we pick up our basket we are happy. It allows us to purchase extras of our favourites. Thanks for growing such delicious and nutritious vegetables and fruit!

    • Shannon

      Thanks Melanie!
      Always so nice to see you and Scott on Tuesdays and have a little visit!!

  7. Anna

    I am only 10 minutes from the wagon, I will be stopping in whenever it is open. Love your fresh produce!!

  8. Amy

    Tuesdays and Thursdays work for me! We do our shopping Saturday so we have that option as well!!
    Either way I think 3x per week is fair! Thank you for such wonderful produce!!

  9. Cindy

    I’m happy as long as you keep the Tuesday pick up.
    Changing the pick up day might increase chances of people forgetting. It really is your decision how many days you keep the stand open.


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