Transition Time


Is it just me, or does it seem like only days ago we were here….








Picking Time






Bounty of Berries






…right in the thick of Strawberry season 2014?

…and a wonderful season it was!  Starting (much to our surprise, after that long, cool spring) right on time and stretching out for more than a whole month.  The weather cooperated beautifully; we picked berries for you; you came and picked your own; all in all it was a fantastic time for everyone!

With those days (of giggling children in the patch, and berry-stained chins – on children AND adults alike!!) behind us for another year, we turn our thoughts to what comes next.

What does come next?

We’re so glad you asked!

For now….

Move over Strawberries!

….beautiful greens – Romaine & Leaf Lettuce (green AND red)…

Beets… Zucchini… Green Onions… Peas…

…and YES, those are strawberries…there will be a few pre-picked baskets available for the next few days, if you haven’t quite had your fill!


Soon to Follow…….

…our MUCH anticipated Green & Yellow Beans, Sweet Corn, and MUCH more!


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